How to please an East European woman in 3 easy steps!

Eastern European girls are well-known for being among the most beautiful women around the world. “Why?!”- some wonder. The explanation is rather simple. It is all about grooming, hair, makeup, clothes and style. They are feminine and elegant and always take good care of themselves. Besides, they are famous for being loyal partners and thoughtful housewives. No wonder, nowadays more and more foreigners go to Eastern Europe in search of the love of their lives. However, dating an East European girl is not always easy. So if you are ready to face a challenge, you better check the following guide first!
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  1. Be an old-fashioned gentleman. East European girls are pretty intelligent and practical, but at the same time they are somewhat idealistic and big dreamers. Most of them dream of a “prince charming” who will treat a girl like a “fragile” lady. Open the door for her, offer your hand when she steps out a car, hold her coat for her, help with heavy bags and do not forget to pay for dinner even if she tries to pay herself. Remember: there is no such thing as “going Dutch” in East-European countries.

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  1. Be a leader. Even though women from Eastern Europe are pretty strong and independent, they do not want to be equal to men in everything. They want to feel safe to express their opinion in relationships, to have freedom of choice, to have the same career opportunities, but more than that, they want to be weak women next to strong men. They need this constant feeling of security, support and reliance on their partner during difficult times.

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  1. Always give her small signs of attention. Tell her how gorgeous she looks today, compliment her new outfit, buy flowers, take her for a walk or to a movie, plan a nice dinner at a restaurant or a weekend trip. These tiny details are extremely important for Eastern European women. Also, avoid asking her what she wants to do or which restaurant she wants to go to. Obviously, it is good that you want to know her opinion on that. But this works a little bit different for those women. They like to be caught by surprise! So come up to her and say: “Today I am taking you to a Sushi restaurant! Be ready at 7 pm.” Trust me, she will love it! But first, make sure she is not allergic to raw fish or something 🙂

Hope this small guide will be useful for your future love affairs with East European girls, and if you are smart enough to make everything right, later on you can be rewarded by her making you the happiest man in the world.


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