How to recognize an Italian tourist

Italian tourists are louder than the others, but they are not yelling, as everybody thinks: they are just talking in the way they are used to. Italians use their hands a lot while speaking: often (there are a lot of exceptions) is easier to understand by looking at their gesticulating than by listening to their English.

The Italian tourist never buys lunch, but has his homemade “panini” with ham and cheese, packed in his Invicta backpack. Is almost impossible to see the Invicta backpack in Italy, but as soon as you are abroad, you always find a lot of Italians carrying it (which is the one they used to go to school with 10 or 20 years ago). The most organized also have the water flask! Even on the ski slopes it is common to see Italian families eating their “panini” out of the chalet.

A typical Italian tourist doesn’t eat in unknown restaurants, but prefers to go where he can find spaghetti & pizza “italian style”, and then often complains because the “spaghetti Bolognese”, the “fettuccini Alfredo” and the “pizza Hawaii” do not even exist in Italy. After having lunch, Italians order an Espresso and then complain because it‘s too expensive and because it isn’t as good as the one they drink back home. It is also common for Italian tourists to complain about water, often more expensive than beer.

Italians in holidays often feel too far away from home, and that’s why they complain about traditions of the country hosting them. Those complaints are usually heard and understood by the occasional Italian tourist nearby: you always find Italians everywhere! I love to meet Italian tourists when I am abroad: they threat every compatriot as a friend even if it’s the first time you meet them!

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