How to sound nice(r) when you‘re actually pissed off

Do you have trouble controlling your anger? Anger is a powerful emotion that can lead to others getting hurt if you’re not being careful. Picking your words and phrasing more wisely can make you sound nice(r) when you’re really pissed off. Here are some foolproof tips on how to sound nice(r) when you’re actually seconds away from yelling your heart out.


1. Pick your words carefully. If you replace the harmful words with pleasant ones, it makes you sound strict instead of moody. Try replacing “creative” for “stupidity” and “irrational” for “dumbass”: “I do not appreciate such creativity during working hours! I did not expect you to be that irrational!” sounds better than: “I do not appreciate such stupidity during working hours! I did not expect you to be such a dumbass!”… Right?

2. Anger is not only channeled by the language of the tongue. Body language also signals your inner devil. For instance, try not to throw your arms and head around too much while expressing yourself.

3. If you are able to control yourself, pull a prank on the guy annoying the living blob out of you. It will make you feel better and everybody gets a good laugh.

4. If you’ve already committed the sin of anger, there are always excuses. Here are some that you should stay away from:
a) “I am really sorry about my temper. I had a fight with my mother in law and can’t seem to get over it”
b) “I have a throat syndrome making my voice sound aggressive when I forget to drink water. It’s nothing personal”
c) “I have my period” (making people shut up does not mean they believe you)
d) “It’s my dialect” (???)
e) “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you have your period or something?”

5. Last but not least. Smiling when you’re pissed off at someone is a huge no-no. This simply makes you seem completely wacky. It’s better to yell as a normal person if it’s already too late for rephrasing and pranks.

Good luck on the anger management. This probably didn’t help at all.

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