How to travel cheaply in Japan


Japan is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to traveling. But I would guarantee you that if you visit Japan, you will have a totally different experience than you have ever had. If you want to stay cheaply in Japan, I would recommend you to stick within Tokyo only, although there are some beautiful sightseeing spots out there. Tokyo is as a box of jewels and each area is so unique and fun!

Top 5 areas in Tokyo I recommend you to visit:

  1. Akihabara(秋葉原) is well known for it’s many electronics shops. In recent years, it has also gained a reputation as a center of the gaming, manga and animation culture. Here is the origin of the crazy otaku culture.
  2. Shibuya(渋谷) is a district of shopping and entertainment areas. This would be the most fashionable area with a lot of young people hanging out.
  3. Asakusa(浅草): This is the most famous downtown area of Tokyo. There is a beautiful temple. Asakusa is an area popular with foreign visitors because all the Tokyo guidebooks recommend a visit.
  4. Ueno(上野): This place consists of parks, museums and markets. Ueno is located in the eastern parts of central Tokyo. It’s relatively quiet compared with other areas so that you can relax. For more details, please go to
  5. Roppongi (六本木): There is a modern shopping center called Roppongi Hills, established in 2003. Here is also the perfect spot to go to nightclubs and international bars. You can have exotic exciting Tokyo night life at this multi-cultural place. Don’t forget to see Tokyo tower as well!

Transportation fees

Walk to save costs in Tokyo, if you can! Sights are generally not far away from each other. If walking is not an option, try to use the subway because subway is the cheapest transportation.

You can find more information here at

Please also check special offers from Japanese Railways called JR at

Tips: Don’t ever ride trains during rush hour. You cannot breathe! Take a look at to see what I mean!


First of all, please consider the area if you want to travel cheaply. There is a big difference with hotel prices. Secondly, don’t stay in Western style hotels but rather Japanese style hotels called Ryokan(旅館)! You can have a completely traditional experience while saving costs. For more details please go to these web-sites below.


Japanese foods are well known for being healthy but usually expensive as well. If you go to grocery Stores or Konbini (convenience stores), they usually have various selections of pre-made bento boxes (lunch boxes) for around US$5 or less. Rice with a selection of seafood and meat is what is usually available!

After reading this, why don’t you jump on an airplane and go to Japan?!

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    It would be also nice to have an article about traveling in other parts of Japan, because Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so maybe by avoiding Tokyo we could travel cheaply! 🙂

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