How to use Facebook to learn languages!

Social media are now one of the most popular tools for communication. People are using them as the fastest way to find their friends and family, jobs and to share ideas or opinions. What about using them to learn a language?

Today Facebook is still the favorite of many people around the world and those interested in learning languages should take advantage of all the opportunities it offers when it comes to practice and immersing into a language.

The question now is: how can I use Facebook to learn a language?

1. Modify your language settings

This should be the first thing to do. Why? You know all the typical quotes and phrases from Facebook – You like this, someone sent you a message, someone shared a photo, changing profile pics, etc. So reading them in the language you are learning will not be complicated and it will definitely help you learn new words and phrases.

2. “Like” fan pages related to languages

Liking fan pages related to languages will show on your news feed all their status updates and activities. Try to find those who write and interact in a different language and not in yours so that you get the chance to have a conversation and actually use everything you are learning. Types of fan pages: dictionaries (’s Facebook is a good one!), language pages (just type the language you are interested in on the search field and check out all the options it will provide), language schools (sometimes they post activities or interesting videos plus you’ll get to know when to apply for their courses).

3. Join groups or create one

There are all kinds of groups on Facebook, you will for sure find one for people interested in the same language or you can also look for groups like English/German/Spanish people living in a different country or in your city. Join those groups so you can interact with the members and who knows you can even gather from time to time and you’ll be able to speak and enhance your fluency 😉
If you don’t find any suitable group you always have the option of creating one!

4. Add people from different countries

This might be a bit difficult because not everyone accepts being friend of people whom they don’t know and especially if they are from a different country. You can try by sending the friend invitation along with an explanation, maybe adding teachers could be less complicated and they will be willing to practice with you. You can also add people from all the groups you are member of!

5. Status updates

Post comments and update your status in a different language! Use yours once in a while but try different things. Ask your friends to help you and correct any grammar mistake they notice.

Facebook is not only about interacting with your friends! Remember than learning a language can be fun and if you spend a lot of time on social media then you should take advantage of them!

Do you know any other useful tip to use Facebook or social media to learn a language? Share it with us!


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