I’m working at a Black Company and I might die soon – Japanese Employees

Most of you who read the title would probably have a similar question in mind – “What is a Black Company?” Black Company in Japan is referred to a company with the worst working conditions you could ever imagine. This has become a major problem in Japan over the past years – the title of this article is the title of a movie which was created to raise awareness of the consequences you would have to pay when entering a Black Company – a heavy consequence called death.

So, welcome to the world of ‘no life’! Let’s look through a day of a normal employee working at a Black Company!

7:00- Although the contract indicates work starting from 9:00 am, who cares! The new employees are required to start work early, of course without any extra payment.

9:00- The boss comes in to work and the workers run off to buy coffee and breakfast for their scary-obnoxious dictator.

12:00- Lunch time! The workers are all fast eaters- 15 min is their time limit on finishing their meal! (By law, you are required to take at least 45 min of break).

15:00- The computer’s keyboard broke down! The boss tells one of the employees to go buy a new one. When he comes back with the receipt, he shreds the receipt into pieces and says ‘you broke it, you pay for it’.

18:00- Time to go home? NO WAY! An underlying rule in this company is to stay at least for 3 hours voluntarily without any payment.

19:00- The boss is about to leave. He asks a female employee to come to his desk and as she leaves, he squeezes her butt and says ‘Did you gain some weight?’ – Yah, sexual harassment is a daily routine in this company.

21:00- Finally time to go home. And again, NOT! The senior employees drag young employees to have drinks with them at a cabaret. They go from bars to bars and drink a lot (in Japanese standard) and the young employees unwillingly have to bring the drunken seniors back to their home.

In addition to this, it is mandatory for young workers to attend weekend golfing with the boss and numerous drinking parties.

Do you think you can survive in a Black Company?
Please watch out if you are job hunting in Japan – these companies are normally disguised in public as a clean, friendly working environment.


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