I will take you around Hamburg

– If you can choose one place in Europe to show your beloveds, what would you choose? – Lilly asked me when we were chilling on Montmartre, over watching Paris from above.

– Hmm, Hamburg – It took me less than a minute to reaffirm my answer – Yes, it’s Hamburg.


Come to Hamburg …

I will take you to Fischmarkt on Sunday morning, to hear the liveliest rhythm of all the sellers trying to sell products in their unique way, to drink beer, to listen to live music and to buy fresh flowers.

I will take you to the harbor, walking along the Elbe or climbing on top of the building near Landungsbrücken station to see busy marine activities of big ships and cranes, to feel chilling wind and shining sun kissing your skin.

I will take you to Blankenese to walk around the beautiful Treppenviertel area, to Reeperbahn to experience the most exciting nightlife, to Jungfernstieg to shop, to Sternschanze to chill and to everywhere in Hamburg to try good foods.

I will take you to bab.la, where I enjoyed my 3 months in Hamburg working in an international team with the most interesting friends in the world.

I want to show you everything, in my beloved Hamburg.


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