Ideas to Make Learning Fun!

Much has already been said about how fun makes learning more meaningful and enjoyable. It not only helps getting students’ attention but also motivates and pleases them. An unmotivated student will not be willing to learn. Fun activities are a very good way of making children, teenagers and adults learn better. They help students to relax, breakdown the so called ‘emotional filter’ and focus in the classroom.

Here are some ways to make learning more fun:

• Using a variety of learning materials to compliment your grammar and vocabulary studies. Apart from texts books, teachers can count on innumerous sources for making their class fun: newspaper articles, audio texts, role play activities, films, music, crosswords, and quizzes. A good way of engaging students and raise their interest in the topic being learned is to make the activities interactive. Ask your students for suggestions, talk to them, and see what they’d like to work on.

• Giving the students challenges. Hands-on dynamic activities that require critical thinking such as riddles are great tools that combine challenge and fun. These activities can also be done in groups, therefore allowing more interaction between students, letting them learn through the process of listening and speaking or even trying to teach each other.

• Using imagination. Create stories with them, play roles, let your students be creative and their participation will be more authentic. As Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

• How about using some technology to help learning? Digital photography, video recordings, and internet games and quizzes might provide practical learning experiences. This one for example is a nice and fun one – Nickelback ‘Rockstar’ lyrics quiz


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