Informal Portuguese Expressions

If you are interested in learning a few Portuguese expressions and common phrases you will enjoy this mini dictionary I prepared. In this article you can find sentences used specifically in Goiânia. When you come to this city you may use this guide to understand the words, slang and for sure appreciate the hot weather and the hospitality of the people in general.

Goiânia has more than one million inhabitants, it is projected to be a “garden” city, it has almost 30% of its urban area destined for green spaces and has particular vocabulary which is really funny. You can find further information about the city clicking here.

Then, these are some examples of informal expressions:

Num dô conta – can be translated like “I can´t ” or “I don´t know”. In other cities in Brazil people may say this sentence but with the meaning of “I can´t stand”. In Goiânia you probably hear that a lot, e.g. I can´t speak Chinese – Num dô conta de falar chinês or I can´t drive a car – Num dô conta de dirigir.

Demais da conta – there isn´t an exact translation into English for this expression, but with an example it may be clear when it´s used. I got my bachelor´s degree – Bom demais da conta!

Anêim – this is simply used in a situation to say what a pity!! For example if I am not going to travel because I am sick I can say it.

Uai – This word has no exact meaning. People from Goiânia tend to say that when they are replying to something for example. Are you going to the party today? You can reply saying. Uai vou! – “Uai, I am going to the party.

Fala sério! When you say “Fala sério” it means You´re joking or you´re kidding. But “Fala sério” has a funnier tone and means seriously.

Pra caramba! It´s used to emphasize or to exaggerate what you are saying. For example “A comida do Brasil é boa pra caramba” which means “Brazilian food is really good”.


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