The 2013 International Recipe Advent Calendar


Welcome to the 2013 International Recipe Advent Calendar!

Considering what language lovers we are here at, and how much we like to work with languages and cultures, it was a natural next step to think about how to celebrate Christmas in a multicultural way!

Our calendar’s fourth edition brings you the most delicious recipes, chosen from amazing cooking bloggers from all over the world.

The system is very simple yet creative: every day, from December 1st to 24th, a new recipe will be published. This article is structured just like a real advent calendar, where you click on the box below that has the appropriate date in order to unveil the recipe that hides behind it.
If you can’t understand the original version of the recipe, don’t worry! The specific blogger has also published an English version of it on the same page, just scroll down to read it.
And the best thing is that, as the calendar goes on, you will be able to slowly hoard more and more recipes, because of course you can always access the ones from previous dates.

Don’t be shy, dear cooking and food addicted, I know it’s a tempting idea. Then stay tuned, find out what people are cooking for this season, give birth to your own creations and share them with your family and friends.



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 Buon appetito, bom apetite, bon appétit, buen provecho, dobrou chuť, Mahlzeit, smacznego and いただきますfrom the team!

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