Internet highlights : #1 – Sharing sweetness

Things are changing rapidly these days and what’s in fashion today doesn’t need to be ‘hot‘ tomorrow. The internet is becoming one of these ever-chancing phenomena . A few years ago it was really cool to create as many social media accounts as possible and be the most active person on those media sites. These days I see people who update their FB status every hour as desperate freaks. And what irritates me the most is trying to talk to a friend who is at the same time having another conversation on a mobile phone via any social media , showing that the offline reality is just not enough.

Yes, the internet has changed our lives, and not all aspects are for better. But in this dark world there exists promising projects which use the internet for higher purposes, not only for their own fortune. Let’s call these websites ‘The Internet Highlights‘. In this, ‘The Internet Highlights‘ blog series, I‘m going to reveal some of the internet highlights from the jungle that is the world wide web. To begin, let’s start with: The Sugar Cube Factory.

#1 Sharing sweetness
The purpose of this website is to make people happy all around the world. Don’t be mistaken, this factory doesn’t produce sugar cubes but something totally different, yet still brings the same sweetness. A sugar cube is a short message of kindness and love written in your own words. Someone who has written one sugar cube can also receive them. The trick is that you never know who exactly receives your precious and hopeful message. That‘s the magic of it.

For inspiration, here are two sugar cubes which I’ve received in my sugar-cube-box:

“If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. This is the moment for you to dance in the rain, to sing as loud as you can, to go on that rollercoaster you’ve always been afraid of, to travel to that place you always wanted to visit. This is it, this is your life, live it to the fullest. Be happy!“
Ines, from Lisbon, Portugal

“Always remember that everything happens for a reason. And life is always hiding something nice, fresh and warming after tough times. Smile and hope for the best!“
A kind stranger

You can find more information about how The Sugar Cube Factory works in this amazing video!

Let’s share the sweetness and start writing sugar cubes right now on:


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