Internet, Internet…what page should I click on?

If you come from Romania, the answer is more than obvious: a sports page. Sports pages are the ones that get the most traffic, followed by news, job and entertainment oriented websites. So what’s THE website you should be clicking on?

Preferably, the one of ‚Gazeta Sporturilor’, the sports newspaper with the highest rankings. In fact, its website is the most visited one of all. Browsing further through the top 10 websites, we stumble upon a couple more focused on sports. Namely: and

And, of course, sports goes hand in hand with entertainment. At number 2 on our list of the most trafficked websites, we find, a Romanian version of youtube. Here the users can upload their movies and interact with others, in this web-based community.

Nevertheless, it’s not all fun and games that Romanians click on. A considerable interest is also given to news and newspapers’ sites. As a result, the online pages of the most important daily papers are amongst the ones that receive the most traffic.

The page-clicking interest of Romanians is also sparked by job-oriented websites. The one which receives the most user-attention and is consequently most visited is Among the benefits it offers are a considerable job database and innumerable tips and tricks to help the users find the job best suited to their abilities.

If the old adage said ‚tell me who your friends are, so I can tell you who you are’, the modern-day version would probably go like this: ‚tell me what websites you surf on, so I can tell you who you are’. Internet has by far and away gained a significant place in our lives and it looks like it’s not planning to give it up any time soon.

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