Interview of the Week: Céline Graciet

1.What are your personal top three tricks and tips when learning languages?
Read newspaper articles everyday and watch films as often as you can – regularity is key when learning a language.

2.Which word do you always have trouble spelling?
Méditerranée – I always want to add an “n”

3.What is the worst translation error you have ever made?
I’ve made a few mistakes in my time, but the worst translation error I’ve even come across in my work was in another translator’s work, which I was editing. He had translated 9/11 as “le 9 novembre”…

4.Which word is missing in your language and how would you spell it?
Shallow – I have no idea what it could be!

5.Which language teaching product / service / method / gadget … has impressed you the most and why?
Antidote, which is the best spelling and grammatical checker I’ve ever worked with.

About the author:
Céline Graciet is a professional English to French translator who runs a translation blog. Follow her on Twitter @ntceline.

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