iPhone Apps for Italians


What springs to your mind if you are asked to think about iPhone Apps for Italians? These are some examples…. do you have any other suggestions?

You can check every single score of the Italian Series A football championship in real time.

Appstore already offers a wide range of Translation Apps for iPhones but with this particular one you will be able to interpret the Italian original gesture!

iBriscola & iScopa

Play the old-fashioned Italian trick-taking card games in a new modern way.

iSunday- Reminder
Add the iSunday-Reminder to wake up on time for the copious Sunday lunch at your Nonna’s place.

iPasta- Timer
A useful Italian iPhone app for foreign people that are still trying to cook pasta in a proper way!

iMother- in- law- Radar
Solve the oldest Italian family conflict. You will always be able to skip your mother-in-law with the new iRadar.

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