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Poland has been in a dance craze recently. Honestly, almost everyone got absolutely crazy about dancing. After TV shows like ‘So you think you can dance’ or ‘Strictly come dancing (dancing with the stars)’ many viewers started to believe that they must have a hidden dancing talent too. Sometimes these talents are hidden so well that they will never really come out but a bit of dancing can’t do any harm, can it? People get fit and joyous, even if they can’t dance. To learn how to dance use the latest iPhone app – it gives detailed instructions you need to follow to learn the steps of samba, rumba, tango, foxtrot, jazz, hip-hop and many more. The iDance trainer is portable but when you plug it to your TV set it also analyzes your moves and tells you exactly what you should improve.


Meet people by eating meat (“meating”) with them! As a nation of meat eaters we would highly appreciate a new chat application enabling us to find people with similar meat eating preferences as our own. Exchanging recipes, not counting calories, discussing the “hottest” meat dishes to finally meat in the “real” life and enjoy a huge ‘schabowy’ (a delicious Polish pork chop) together! Let’s meat!


Ever wondered why the heck your Polish friend insists on being called Gosia even though her given name in documents is Małgorzata? Well, as complicated as we are, we have a short version of nearly every name and we use them a lot. For instance, my name’s Joanna but I’d probably hardly react if someone called me that, as all my family and friends use the short version of Joanna – Asia (don’t ask me where these short version come from, I guess it’s been like that for ages…). So an iName app would come in extremely handy when dealing with Polish people – just enter the full name to get the “familiar” version(s) or the other way round. To read more on the subject go to: So what did you say your name was.


It is common knowledge that the Poles are a very religious folk (admittedly less and less especially among young people but anyway) so the iPope application should be greeted with great interest in Poland. It provides you with famous quotes, fragments of sermons and most touching moments from the pontificate of our own Polish pope, John Paul II whether in form of a picture, an audio file or a video. But there’s much more to this application – it locates the nearest Catholic church wherever you are and warns you early enough by beeping loudly whenever you are about to commit a sin.


We love potatoes. Boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, jacket potatoes, chips… All of them! Unfortunately the quality of this vegetable has been worsening gradually in the last years. The latest iPhone app – iPotato – will help you buy potatoes that not only look good (judging potatoes by appearance may be very misleading) but also taste yummy by analyzing the inside of the potato by merely looking at it. As an addition it tells you what dish this kind of potatoes will be most suitable for.

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