Is it an asylum or a museum? Berlin city of crazy people – Part 2

Some other facts about my trip to Berlin.

Me, another Brazilian and a Czech girl wanted to visit the underground Jewish museum in Berlin, but we ended up in the wrong Jewish museum and decided to stay there since it was too late anyway. Almost all the museum employees were rude and the only nice one was a bit crazy.

The first rude behavior was when the receptionist gave more than 5 Euros as change and my friend told him it was wrong. The guy acted completely rude, when he actually should have been glad that she was honest.

Second weird situation: There was a box where you had to put your purse in order to check if it was the permitted size. The Czech girl put her purse there and it did fit fine. The woman told her though that she was squeezing it. Also, the woman couldn’t say if she would be allowed to keep the purse, because there is a person responsible for judging that at the entry. All that was said in a very impatient and cold tone.

At the entrance there was this employee asking for the tickets. She did not treat us badly, but we could read on her face: “Damn tourists, they just don’t stop coming. When am I going to get home?!”

Inside the museum: there we were walking randomly when my Brazilian friend started to laugh and said that a guy was giving me a weird look. According to her imitation, which I unfortunately have no means to reproduce here, the guy looked at me as if I had leper. A few seconds later, the same guy approached us and started to speak this language we thought was German. Later on we found out that he was actually speaking Spanish (!) because he thought we were speaking it too. He asked if we were leaving the museum, and then he started with some personal questions, and it went more or less like this:

Guy: So, what are you doing here in Germany?
We: We’re doing an internship.
Guy: Internship? But do they pay you? (I think he found we looked like volunteers for the Europe crisis or something)
We (chocked look): Yes! Of course they do!
Guy: Hmmm… Really? That’s strange… I bet you work with Management or Business… So, do you know where you are going? You should have a plan. (That’s when I assumed he was German)
Then he gives us a map and explains where we should go etc. I didn’t pay any attention since I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with the guy.

Our Czech friend arrived and it went more or less like this:
Guy: Oh, who is this? Not Brazilian, I´m sure. She’s your German friend from Hamburg, right?
Czech girl: I’m from Czech Republic.
We: How did you know she was not Brazilian? She could totally be Brazilian!
Guy: It’s because she has this skeptical look. It’s a Middle European thing..
After the chat our first reaction was to look at each other perplexed and laughed. Our Czech friend had a stronger reaction though, expressed with a “’WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?”

So we went directly to the first door we found. At the door a woman asked if we had read what was written on the wall, and that we should read it at least after getting out. When we got into the room we found out why she had asked that. It was a dark room, with no heater and a tiny corner. That’s when I was certain we were in an asylum.

We bumped into the guy once more. He said we were heading towards the wrong direction and pointed at this glass door where we should go to. The thing is that the door would lead us outside, and we were afraid that it would lock up and trap us out there. Plus, we did not trust the guy. I think we were not the only ones feeling afraid to get locked up, a couple was observing us from indoors apparently waiting to see if we would manage to get inside again. It was a sort of lab mouse feeling, I’ve got to say.

Please, share your experiences with us! Have you ever been to Berlin? What places would recommend us to go to?


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