Is it possible to learn a language like babies do?

Some would say yes and some others are convinced that we can’t, the truth is we can try but it might not work for everyone.
We must not forget that for babies it also takes time. Have you ever realized that for them it takes from 2 to 3 years to finally speak rather long sentences? Imagine how tough it is for an adult to learn a language like babies do! Especially because we already speak one and our mind is somehow not “fresh” to learn a new one from scratch.

Some people are able to adopt a language within months while it takes more than one year for some others. Why? As I mentioned before, our mind is not “fresh”. What I meant with fresh is that we have already learned our own language and we can’t avoid comparing rules or translating from one language to another while learning. It’s difficult to understand something if our language says the opposite. For example: I speak Spanish as a native language and learning German is hard because things like table are masculine in German whilst it is feminine in Spanish, let’s not talk about plurals and declination!

Shall I really consider learning a language while speaking it?

Every language school has a unique teaching method. Some focus on grammar first and then they work on speaking skills development but there are also schools that begin with making people have conversations and oral practice without strong grammar knowledge. From my point of view this is quite complicated. How can we learn and speak a language we don’t know the grammar of?!

I’ve been trying to learn German through this new teaching method and although it’s being difficult I’ve managed to feel a bit more confident while speaking. We must not forget that studying at least 10 minutes a day will increase our vocabulary and hence our speaking skills.

How does this new method works?

My experience has been as comes next:

– 10 minutes of grammar: teacher explains the subject and we take some notes. We should never forget our dictionaries!

– The rest of the class we speak and practice by solving grammar exercises all together or writing conversations related to real life situations like going to the supermarket and asking for something.

Having conversations on basic German level can be complicated but not impossible. Dictionaries are really helpful when you don’ know the words and teacher must be really good and capable of helping everyone at the class. I would also recommend getting grammar books to compliment language learning!

Would you be able to learn like babies? Do you prefer learning grammar before speaking? Share your comments with us!


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