ES Spanish Cover EsSpanish is a very rich language, especially if we take into account that Spanish is not only spoken in Spain. This means more words and more confusing too, because sometimes a certain word can have very different meanings depending on which country you are in, and that can lead to some awkward moments.

For example, a “buzo” in Spanish from Spain refers to a diver or the diving suit they use for their immersions. But in Venezuela, if you say that someone is a “buzo”, you will mean he is a gossip, or even worse, a pervert!

With the word “braga” something similar happens. In Venezuela, “braga” is used with the meaning of “dungarees”, so it is not a problem if you see people on the street “en bragas”, but it would be a problem if you do it in Spain, because it means that they just wear knickers.

You may have already heard of the following ones, but just as a reminder. If you are in Spain, no problem, but if you are in South America and you are laid on the beach with your friends, and you feel like picking up some shells, don’t tell them “voy a coger unas conchas”, because they will be very impressed that you are so straightforward. For them, it will sound as if you say “I am going to fuck some pussies”, as “concha” means “pussy”. So, if you are planning to travel there and your nickname is “Concha” or “Conchita”, you’d better look for another one…

Did it happen to you that you used a common word and then people stared at you?


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