Italian Music – The Dogs and the Zen Circus

Usually when people think about Italian music they name artists like Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro or Nek. Those are – with no doubts – very good singers; nevertheless, the contemporary Italian musical landscape has lots more to offer. I have already written about the same topic a few months ago, when I reviewed Vinicio Capossela´s last album, but this time I will deal with a different musical genre and different content. If you are interested in Italian language and culture you should not miss the two bands I am going to introduce, because they both take a very detailed snapshot of the contemporary Italian culture.

One of the most interesting and surprising products of this year was the Surprising Debut Album of the Cani, as the Italian album title ironically reads (Il sorprendente album d’esordio dei cani). This is the first album of a one-man band whose one and only member does not want his name to be revealed. The 11 tracks focus on the bourgeois lives of the Roman youth, presenting the listener a painstaking picture of it, like in the song called “Velleità” :

The second band I am listening to a lot in this period is The Zen Circus. Their last album, Nati per subire, was also released in 2011 and deals with more or less the same topic as the previous band, portraying the Italian contemporary middle-class – the ones who go on holiday to Rimini – like in “Atto secondo”:

Try listening to them and let me know what you think!



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