Italian Summer Culture

It’s hard to think about a place as good as Italy to go on a vacation in the summer; beach, sea, sun… but there are also many events you really can’t miss out on! There is one for each part of Italy, North, South and Central.

City and village festivals are an important symbol of Italian history and culture, and they also represent – especially in Italy’s central regions – an important occasion for social relations.

One among the most popular and choreographic events of this kind is the Palio of Siena, which takes place from the 13th to the 16th of August (the so called “Palio dell Assunta”). This race – with its strong medieval roots – dates back to the 13th century, and still continues to stir the spirits of the locals (called “contradaioli”) and the many tourists who come to Siena every year to take part in the event.

The event takes place in the main square of Siena, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany – a region famous for not only its picturesque hills but also for its tasty local cuisine. We suggest to everyone who wants to experience history, taste and fun all at one time, to have a look at the city’s website to find useful information about it

Flipping through the Italian calendar, we pause at August 27th, where we find the closing concert of an event which has become more and more popular in the last few years, Notte della Taranta (the Night of the Taranta). This Salento folk music festival, taking place in Melpignano, a village close to Lecce, has been aiming to enhance and spread knowledge of a peculiar local folk dance, the “pizzica” since 1998. Even though the festival focuses on the pizzica, there are also several contributions coming from other musical genres, such as rock, jazz and world music, a characteristic which makes this festival satisfy almost every music lover. The official website of the event can be found at

To take part in the third must-see event of this Italian summer, we have to go up the “boot” (that is to say real “Italy”) again and head to Ferrara, a city situated on the shore of the Po river. In this city – from August 20-28 there is a festival called Ferrara Buskers, during which many street artists come from all over the world and perform in different locations. This is also a festival that all different types of people can enjoy, since not only adults but also children can watch the different performances. The full program, as well as more information about where to stay and how to get to Ferrara, is available at the following website



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