Italians speaking English

I found this video in YouTube and my first impression was: “Wow, it’s so funny!” Thinking about it I realized that it is also kind of offensive for all the Italians who make their best effort to learn English, and who try to improve (and I am actually one of them…).

Jokes about Italians speaking English are very common all over the world and having a look online I found some videos that could explain me why English speakers think that Italians cannot speak foreign languages (and those are two of our most famous politicians…):

Luckily enough, we don’t mind self derision, and we can easily make jokes about ourselves, as you can see in the next video, which comes from an Italian movies settled in the USA (“Belli Freschi”, E. Oldoini, Italy 1987):

I would like to close my article with the worldwide beloved Italian actor Roberto Benigni, pretending to be American without the ability to speak English in the movie “Johnny Stecchino” (R. Benigni, Italy 1991). The following video is also an ad to remember to all Italians the importance to be able to speak English:

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