Italy – the coolest “boot”

Italy is the country of history, good food, fashion and suggestive landscapes, which makes one of the most attractive countries in the world out of it.

That tiny spot with the shape of a boot, right in the heart of Europe has so many attractions, and it enhances the curiosity of people from all over the world to touch with their own hands what is seen and known about Italy through the media, preferring it to other countries that maybe wouldn’t satisfy their palate in the same way, and wouldn’t give an insight of life of the ancient Romans, by visiting temples and ruins scattered all over the Italian territory.

Becks/Wikimedia Commons
Becks/Wikimedia Commons

Italy happens to be one of the most popular destinations for a considerable pocket of tourists from the whole world.
Traditionally amongst the greatest lovers of the “dolce vita” we could surely find the Germans, who ensure an average presence on the territory of 6 days but more frequent. Another massive incoming flow of tourists is guaranteed by Americans and the English, who are in love with Italian food. French tourists also are frequent visitors, possibly due to the short distance separating the two countries. Same thing with the Spanish and the Austrians. And certainly Italy wouldn’t escape the focus of Japanese cameras.
With no doubts a must-do stop is Rome. It is beautiful to pass by the streets full of history and walk through the same streets where the greatest Emperors of the World walked.

From Rome, the capital city, which is just in the center, you can move up north or down south as you wish, and the next must-visit attraction could be few kilometers away, ranging from Naples “capital of southern Italy”, to Florence “cradle of Renaissance”, Milan “capital of the fashion industry”.

All and all, you wouldn’t leave Italy without being wondered by one of its marvels.


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