It’s Carnival time!

In Germany, the most famous Carnival is celebrated in the city of Cologne. Also called “the fifth season”, it officially begins every year on November 11 at 11:11. Then the carnival’s organizing committee gathers and organizes all the carnival festivities. It’s worth getting involved in this carnival, both the city and the people of Cologne are amusing, happy and eager to celebrate.

The Cologne Carnival is a colorful festival where millions of people get excited and involved, walk through the streets in their best costumes to celebrate with friends and family while watching the parades made up of huge puppets that mock political figures or a negative event that the public is dissatisfied with. As the they parade through the streets, they throw chips and chocolates to the public. The bars and places are filled with happy people ready to drink the typical Kölsch beer of Cologne, while singing and dancing.

The celebration of Carnival in Cologne is one of the largest in Europe. They call it the crazy three days, starting on Thursday before Lent and ending the following Tuesday with the bonfire of the carnival spirit which symbolizes the amendment of the sins committed during the carnival season. Carnival Monday is called Rosenmontag and it corresponds to the 42nd day before Easter.

The celebration of Carnival in Cologne began in 1341 with three characters: Seine Tollität (Carnival Prince), Bauer (peasant) and Jungfrau (Virgin). Nowadays the Virgin role is represented by a man.

The most famous carnival parade is called Prinzengarde, where the carnival prince makes an appearance accompanied with his bodyguards, who wear uniforms from 1800s that symbolize the anti-militarist tradition of the city.

In Germany, Carnival is also traditionally held in Münster, Düsseldorf, Aachen and Mainz.

What do you like about the carnival in Cologne?


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