red confettiThe word confetti in English defines the paper shreds thrown in celebrations, but maybe not all of you know that the exact same word in Italy defines something which is still related to celebrations, but the acceptation is related to food and traditions (Italians are masters with food and traditions, what did you expect?). The traditional confetti consist of candies made of an almond with a hard sugar coating. The celebrant gives them out to the guests at the end of the celebration generally wrapped in a tulle bag and sometimes together with a small gift.
The tradition associates different colors of the sugar glaze with different celebrations:
– BLUE: Baby boy birth or baptism
– PINK: Baby girl birth or baptism
– RED: Graduation
– GREEN: Engagement
– WHITE: Wedding
– SILVER: 25th anniversary
– GOLD: 50th anniversary
The capital of the Italian confetti is Sulmona, a city in the centre of Italy. The tradition dates back to the Roman Empire, when they were made of almonds and honey. The tradition wants them to be made of almonds but nowadays there are thousands of different versions of them: filled with chocolate, fruit, mint, wafers. If you want to try this delicious crunchy candy, all you need is an invitation to an Italian celebration… or simply a trip to Sulmona. It will be totally worth it!


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