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iX09 logoHere it is – the list of the hottest international exchange and experience blogs, better known as IX 09! We have really enjoyed putting these blogs together and we are sure you will love reading them and learning about the different experiences being had all over the world by adventurous students, graduates and young workers.

We hope some of the people on this list might inspire you to begin your own adventure. There are so many opportunities for you to study or work abroad, whether you are a high school or university student or a recent graduate, the world is your oyster and just waiting for you to explore it!

So, back to business… What these bloggers need now is your vote. You may have already selected your favourite blog and be ready to vote now, if that’s the case you can vote here.

However, if you are still undecided as to which blog should get the number 1 spot and one of our great prizes, then take a look through the list below and check out our selection. There are blogs in English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Polish and Turkish so there is bound to be one that you love! Have fun reading, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

1. Neu Hamburg: Experiences from someone from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, currently doing an internship in Hamburg, Germany. (Portuguese)
2. 30歳になった時私はパリに住んでいる: Japanese, living in Paris, France (Japanese)
3. AGRADU Summer Internship blog : collective blog written by group of AGRADU interns living and working in Africa (English) (English)
4. Alex*Blogger – субъективные наблюдения за жизнью: Life of a student from Russia in Dortmund University (Russian)
5. Michael, utbytesstudent till Sverige: following the life of a Rotary exchange student to Sweden (English)
6. B1 & B2: Uneconomical economy students with a taste for life currently living in China, studying and living like kings. Who wouldn’t want to read about that? (Swedish)
8. Baptiste Deleplace: Carnets de voyages (French)
9. Bárbara Basso: Currently working with Aiesec International, is traveling all around Europe (and the world) for work and getting to know lots of new countries. (Portuguese)
10. Blogging from Abroad: Collection of West Virginia Uni students studying abroad (English)
11. cristiane lourenço – Nomad Life: My adventures in Indian Lands – Minhas aventuras em terras Indianas (Portuguese)
12. Das Abenteuerjahr der Jenny R.: Study, travel and adventures (German)
13. diario de una estudiante: business school girl was selected to write in their blog for a year while studying (Spanish)
14. Down Under: German exchange student in Australia (German)
15. El Salsero: A Frenchman’s adventures in Bolivia (French)
16. Entrevistando Expatriados: Interviews with Brazilians currently living abroad (Portuguese)
17. Erasmus à Helsinki: mon expérience.: French ERASMUS student living in Helsinki for a year (French)
18. Un Erasmus en….Vilnius : Spanish ERASMUS student living in Lithuania (Spanish)
19. Erasmus Macerai: Turkish language blog about Erasmus adventures in Poland (Turkish)
20. Erasmus en Rennes. Ça va faire du bruit!: Adventures as an Erasmus student in Rennes, France (Spanish)
21. Flo in Helsinki: The diary of a German student in Helsinki (German)
22. Georg’s world – Hamburg, Germany and more: German intern and adventurer and his world travels and work experience (English)
23. ilhuicamina conquista a espana: a mexican girl studying in Spain (Spanish)
24. International Higher Education Consulting Blog TM: A source for news on international education and public diplomacy (English)
25. Jace’s Road to Japan: Australian student heads to Kansai Gaidai University in Japan (English)
26. Jalusa´s Island: Brazilian working with Aiesec in Mauritius island, Africa (Portuguese)
27. Kevin in den USA: Kevin Görner about daily life as an exchange student (German)
28. Laura und Sven in Hong Kong: Two Germans studying abroad in Hong Kong (German)
29. Lulusitana: Brazilian in Portugal (Portuguese)
30. Maxi’s USA Weblog – Texas 08/09: German High School student exchange in Texas, USA (German)
31. Mein Auslandssemester in Singapur: German studying in Singapore (German)
32. Mein Auslandstagebuch: USA: German University student completing a semester abroad (German)
33. Mel und Flo in Australia: German couple doing a semester in sunny Brisbane, Australia at the Queensland University of Technology (German)
34. Memória Viagem: Brazilian in Portugal (Portuguese)
35. Moin!北ドイツから(Greetings from Norh Germany): Japanese, living in North Germany (Japanese)
36. nem beszélek magyarul : Brazilian doing an internship in Budapest, Hungary. (Portuguese)
37. Interactive Art Director ’09 : Swedish intern working in Spain and the UK (English)
38. erasmus mundus: colombian girl abroad: adventures of a colombian girl who got an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (Spanish)
39. In love with India: Life as Erasmus exchange student at IIM-Bangalore last year… and now starting a new life in India as an Expat (English)
40. “Ape lepe, o leleco!” LIBERIA – AFRICA : Brazilian in Liberia, Africa (Portuguese)
41. Nina’s blog: German student in Dublin, Ireland (German)
42. Ningxia Dragon Student Ambassadors: Adventures of foreign students in China (English)
43. Nos fabuleuses aventures d’Agadir à Palmerston North: French students adventures in New Zealand (French)
44. O MEU caminho das Índias: Brazilian doing an internship as an English teacher for kids in India. (Portuguese)
45. O Movimento Migratório das Aves: Brazilian doing an internship at IBM in Canada (Portuguese)
46. One Year Merica: Swiss Exchage student in the USA (German)
47. Out of the Door – Outdoor Blog: The travels and adventures of German university student, Jens (German)
48. Pessoas, Lugares e artes……….: Describing my magic experience in two totally different countries: Poland and Germany. (Portuguese)
49. ROM AU PAYS DES KIWIS: Frenchman’s adventures in New Zealand (French)
50. SERVUS: Japanese, living in Germany (Japanese)
51. Sonja in Ecuador: German exchange student in Ecuador (German)
52. La @ventura Lituana: a Spaniard in Lithuania (English)
53. Stephan’s Auslandssemester: – German completing a semester abroad at Michigan State University, USA (German)
54. Terre d’échanges au Ghana: Le récit de 2 missions humanitaires au Ghana, les aventures et l’expérience enrichissante partagée. (French)
55. The Badgers Abroad blog: Collection of UW-Madison students studying abroad (English)
56. The Compass : Collection of International internships and TEFL blogs (English)
57. The Copenhagen Blogger: Year spent in Copenhagen as an Erasmus student (English)
58. The Study Abroad Experience: Fourteen College students in 12 countries across 4 continents (English)
59. Trust Girls: Katrin writes about her experiences and adventures as a German living and working in Austria and Switzerland. (German)
60. Vá na Tora: Brazilian in Poland (Portuguese)
61. Ренегат в Европе: Student from Russia narrates about wonderful architecture in Poland (Russian)
62. イタリア料理紀行(Learning to cook in Italy): Japanese, living in Italy (Japanese)
63. デンマーク留学記(Daily life in Denmark): Japanese, living in Denmark (Japanese)
64. フィンランド留学ブログ(my student life in Finland): Japanese, living in Finland (Japanese)
65. 会社を辞めて留学(Studying Abroad after I quit my job): Japanese, living in Paris, France (Japanese)
66. 体育教師留学奮闘記(Survival Diary): Japaniese, learning at Harvard Uni in USA (Japanese)
67. 勉強買い物合気道そして南京虫とのバトル(Survival Diary): Japanese, living in Bradford, UK (Japanese)
68. Take your chance and fly away!: German exchange student in Brazil (German)
69. Auslandssemester in Ronneby : Austrian exchange student studying Software Engineering at the Blekinge Tekniska Högskola and writing her thesis at the same time for her home-university (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Hagenberg)(German)
70. Fabio, Felix & Paddy the San Diego Rocker: German International Business Studies students in San Diego, USA (English)
71. Kaddi goes Morocco: German student and intern in Morocco (German)
72. Life of a misfit: Italian living and working in London (Italian)
73. Volume Secondo: Italian living in Turkey, (Italian)
74. Exchange life in Sweden: An exchange student from Taiwan, now studying in Sweden. Hej! Hur mör du? (English)
75. Åsmund Abroad: Norwegian student currently studying in France (English)
76. From the land of the long white cloud to the land of the Andes : New Zealander doing a one-year high school AFS exchange in Chile (English)
77. Angmoh in Singapore : Polish exchange student spending a year in Singapore (Polish)
78. Poznajcie Teksas…czyli wild, wild West widziany oczami 16-sto latki : Polish exchange student spending a year in the “wild west” of Texas! (Polish)
79. La Mia Vita Italiana : American high school student in Italy (English)
80. Austin in Germany…not there yet! : American high school student preparing for his year exchange in Germany (English)
81. Chiny z pierwszej ręki : Polish exchange student in China (Polish)
82. Alexandra to Brazil : An American high school student (AFS prgramme) and her 11 months in Brazil, the land of Futebol, forests, beaches and friendly people! (English)
83. Angie to Japan – my thoughts and words written : American AFS exchange student and her adventures in Japan (English)
84. Louise – blivande utbytesstudent Kalifornien 09/10 : Louise – a girl studying abroad in California in 09/10 (Swedish)
85. Auslandssemester in Rauma: German living in Rauma (Finland) (German)
86. Utbytesstudent i Sverige : Brian blogs about his exchange experience in Sweden (English)
87. Buenos Aires Baby!! : An American girl travels to a foreign place… (English)
88. Utbytesstudent i Arkansas : Swedish exchange student and his American experiences (Swedish)
89. Mot alla odds : 17 year old Swedish girl preparing for a year studying abroad in Australia (Swedish)
90. Allie’s Welt: German living and travelling in Finland (German)
91. Немецкий дневник: Life Journal of a student about international student life (Russian)
92. VIVA!イタリア留学!(VIVA! ITALY!): Japanese, living in Italy (Japanese)
93. Stranger in a strange land – the true tales of an American Abroad : An American who completed business school in Barcelona, Spain and now lives in France (English)
94. Off into the Abyss: Canadian exchange student and his German experience (English)
95. French in London: A blog from a French Newspaper about French people living in London (French)
96. Maryanna Byrne’s India Blog : American exchange student in India (English)
97. Заметки Студента в Америке : Student from RF lives and works in US, and gives tips to newcomers (Russian)
98. An AFS Year : Collection of blogs from AFS New Zealand students around the world (English)
99. Sarah in Japan: New Zealand AFS exchange student and her experiences in Japan (English)
100. Path of an Ambassador to New Zealand: American AFS student and his adventures in New Zealand (English)


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