Jakarta Urban Legends

A city wouldn’t be a city without its urban legends. Jakarta is no different. As modern and as fast paced Jakarta is, the city is steeped with urban legends that take roots deep in the city’s history.

The Darling of Ancol Bridge (Si Manis dari Jembatan Ancol)

Back in the 90s there was a TV series made about this urban Legend. The story differs throughout time but it all revolves around a woman who died and her body was dumped into the river. It was unclear what lead to her death some story said she was raped another story claims that she jumped into the water because she was forced to marry out of her own will.

It was said her ghost still roams the Ancol area. One cab driver claims he saw a woman clad in white passing by the bridge and disappearing into thin air.

The Pondok Indah House (Rumah Pondok Indah)

On September 2002, I remember it was around six in the afternoon when I heard on the radio that a fried rice hawker went missing. The story goes he was delivering an order into one of the houses in the Pondok Indah area and he never came back. Logically he could’ve gone anywhere but the thing is it’s not an ordinary missing person’s case.

Apparently the house he went into was well known around the area for being haunted. The story goes that the family that used to live there was massacred during a break-in and the culprit never got caught. The house has been empty ever since. It is believed that when a house or a place is deprived of human occupation or human activity, spirits will begin to occupy the empty space.

Fatahillah Museum

The Fatahillah Museum was build 300 years ago by the Dutch when they occupied Jakarta or Batavia. The building was a silent witness of the history of Jakarta starting from executions, trials and massacres. Within the building there was an underground prison that was constantly flooded with water and they would cram prisoners there. The prisoners would be half submerged by water while they waited for their trial.

Nowadays the underground prison was closed off and visitors can only see the outer part of the prison. However, people reported sightings and strange noises when they visited this area of the museum.



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