Japan Accommodation: 3 unusual hotels in Japan

Have you ever been to the Top 10 most exciting destinations for 2013 that we provide? Not yet? It is not too late! Here are some uncommon places to stay in Japan.

This country is well-known for being very expensive, but it does not mean that accommodation has to be so. You could choose from traditional Japanese-style inns to low-cost hostels.

1. Ryokan (旅館). This is a traditional Japanese inn that could be compared to a bed and breakfast inn. It is often located close to a hot springs resort; you will enjoy a full experience of Japanese lifestyle (culture, comfort, hospitality). The ryokan is furnished with tatami, futon, and low wooden tables. Indeed, it is more important to maintain this special Japanese atmosphere than to provide the ultramodern facilities. You will discover directly the Japanese culture as it is most of the time managed by Japanese people who usually speak a little of English: that would definitely add authenticity to your stay.

2. Manga kissa (漫画喫茶) / 24 hours internet café – It is at the same time a huge manga library, an internet café and a nerdy-looking guy’s refuge. You can either choose between a PC in open space or rent for few hours a private cubicle furnished with comfortable chair, a computer, shelves filled with manga. All booths have doors for almost complete privacy. Some of them provide showers, snacks and drinks vending machines, video games and more… You pay for the time you spend in this place (basically, by hours). It is a safe and cheap environment to spend the night. May be not the most comfortable one, as smoking in public place is permitted in Japan.

3. Capsule hotel (カプセルホテル) – For a cheap and fun night in Japan, you could also try a Capsule Hotel and feel like you are a spaceman. You should not be claustrophobic or too tall as you will spend a night in a tiny pod. They are usually located near stations and in the city center. It was thought mostly for Japanese businessmen who were too drunk to catch the last train. But as it provides the basic necessities for a low price, more and more travelers like to stay in this kind of hotel. The shared facilities (bath, sauna) are very clean, rooms have a television, radio, alarm clock and of course a bed! These capsules are stacked side by side and two units top to bottom.

Japan provides unusual places to stay that will suit to any taste. Do you know some others atypical places to stay all around the world? Share your experiences with us!


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