Japanese girls- are they turning into vampires?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, you will definitely understand the meaning of this phrase once you step your foot into the land of the rising sun- Japan. There, you will discover several unique aspects of Japanese culture, and eventually find out about the interesting perception of “beauty” that Japanese people (especially girls) believe in. I would like to inform you about some of these viewpoints in order to avoid any confusions or surprises when you visit Japan!

1. White, Whiter, Whitest!

Japanese women devote their time and money to be as white-skinned as possible. They buy whitening facial creams, go to salons for skin treatments and so on. Their biggest enemy is radiation– the cause of skin cancer, spots and discoloration. Therefore in the summer time, you will encounter women walking down the street wearing long sleeved gloves and a floppy hat, holding a summer umbrella in deadly 40 degrees temperature.

2. People with snaggletooth! Japan is the place to go!

Hollywood stars spend loads of money winning a golden smile, but for Japanese idols, being born with crooked teeth – or so called snaggletooth/vampire tooth is an advantage. The overlapping teeth remind you of your childhood, before the painful braces are equipped. This image in Japan is connected to youth and innocence, which is an important factor to consider if you want to attract the opposite sex. So, as bizarre and obscure as it seems, don’t freak out even if the girl smiles back at you showing her cute vampire tooth.

3. Stick and Stones will Definitely Break Japanese Bones

One thing I hate about going back to Japan – I feel like a sumo wrestler! The average BMI of Japanese women is 16-20, when worldly viewed healthiest BMI is 22. Basically everyone is on a diet, from young girls to older women, and even teenage boys. However, this is partially due to Japanese tradition of eating habits – we tend to eat healthy food such as fish, seasonal vegetables and rice. One thing to keep in mind- when you want to go clothes shopping in Japan, don’t be irritated that your size increased from 6 to 8 (or even 10). Usually, even in international shops like Zara or Gap, the sizes are moderated to fit the Japanese measurement.

You still can’t believe they are true? Go visit Japan and see for yourself! Don’t worry – all of these descriptions may seem like Japanese girls are turning into vampires (pale skin, slim, snaggletooth…) but they won’t bite you, I promise!


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