Just a Song Before I Go

A few months ago we published two articles in which we gave you 10 tips for learning languages.

As for me, although I have attempted to study many languages but only succeeded in speaking fluently three of them, I consider myself quite a good language learner; in fact, counting all the languages I have started (but not finished) to learn, I can say I am quite an expert in this field! That is why I would like to share my learning secret with you.

When I am learning a new language, the means I rely on the most is music, as we already said at tip number 7. However – at least for me – not every kind of music works. What I consider really useful are easy songs with no particular artistic value; those catchy tunes which stick in your head and will haunt you forever!

That is why despite being a great fan of the German industrial/experimental rock band Einstürzende Neubauten, I cannot really say they contributed a lot in shaping my German knowledge, as on the other hand, did artists like Nena or Wolfgang Petry.

Having said this, I will share with you my language learning playlist, hoping it could inspire you in your language learning journey.

– Nena: Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann
– Wolfgang Petry: Wahnsinn
Das Fliegerlied

– Richie Ren: Dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai
– Zhou Huajian: Pengyou
Yang Jugang: Lao shu ai da mi

– Alberto Camerini: Rock and roll robot
– Al Bano e Romina Power: Felicità
Valeria Rossi: Tre parole

Of course you have to be careful if someone asks you “What are you listening to?” as in the following video. In this case, I suggest you always answer something like “Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 6 in A Minor”.


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