Language interest reflects your personality, doesn’t it?

If you were offered a free language course to learn two other languages from a linguist beside your own language, what language would you choose to master? Everyone might have a different answer, I guess. I would like to choose Japanese and French. Why? The answer is quite simple because I just love these languages. A few days ago I had a conversation about linguistic things with my friend and I told him that I’d like to learn Japanese and French more than the other famous languages like German or Portuguese which are commonly learned by many people from all over the world. What shocked me was that he said that Japanese is a very troublesome and ‘silly’ language because it has got two different types of alphabet or characters which doesn’t make any sense and it’s wasting energy to study it meanwhile French seems quite ‘absurd’ when it comes to its sound. I’ve got a totally different opinion than him. I think Japanese has a very unique character and is fun to learn because there are many comic books or manga and anime that can be a perfect teacher for me and can teach me how to learn, how to write and say it like the native Japanese speakers would speak meanwhile French sounds very romantic in my ear.

Well, basically everyone has their own interest and rights to choose and to learn a new language for whatever reason and I couldn’t blame my friend for that. Basically people tend to learn a new language based on its necessity, for example English. Everyone knows English nowadays, but the question is do people study English because they like it (everybody has to speak English or else they will be regarded as old fashioned or left behind, right!)? Most people study English because it’s an international language which can be used in every country on this globe. But to study the third language or the fourth language or so, we’re no longer talking about necessity and needs but more likely either an interest or because it is fun to learn or the language sounds romantic or even “because my lover comes from ‘the’ country” or whatever.

A few days ago I read a quote on twitter which said “why learn French while you can learn ‘Klingon’?”. What did that even mean? Probably it sounds offensive for French people, but I guess whoever tweeted about that or wrote an article about that she/he must have an interest to learn Klingon and maybe she/he was a big fan of Star Trek or she/he could be the ‘nerd’ from the Qo’noS (Kronos) planet or whatever the reason is.

Whatever your interest in a language, there must be something that makes you want to learn the language either related to your personality, experience or even hobby. If you have some opinion about why you learn another language, you are allowed to share anything ;). Chao!

[bahasa Indonesia]

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