Language survival 101: Feel local (in China)!

In this questionnaire, we plan to interview Lexiophiles bloggers to get tips on how to learn their native language. Instead of offering run of the mill advice, we tried a different approach, more unconventional, which might even help people NOT be labeled as a tourist in the first 2 minutes!

Hum or sing along with these three songs in the subway:
[Please name us three songs everyone knows in your native language]

《liǎng两;zhī只;lǎo老;hǔ虎;》 “ Two Tigers“
《lǎo老;shǔ鼠;ài爱;dà大;mǐ米;》 ” Mouse Loves Rice”
《shuāng双;jié截;gùn棍;》 ”Nunchakus”

Get by with firing off any of these five swear words:
[Please tell us the five unavoidable curse-words that are commonly used in your country and what they mean]

tā mā de; 他妈的 (shit)
wáng bā dàn; 王八蛋 (tortoise egg)
cào; 操 (fuck)
jiàn rén; 贱人 (being cheap)
shǎ bī; 傻屄 (stupid asshole)

Get the phone number (or a great laugh) with this pick-up line:
[Please share your favorite pick-up line with us]

你跟我一个朋友长得好象。 (You look like someone I know.)
我们之前见过吧? (Haven’t we met before?)

Cheer to this word with your new local friends at the bar:
[Please tell us what the word for “cheers” is in your language]

干杯! gān bēi! (Bottom up!)

And for our tip on feeling like a local – how to order a Big Mac menu in your language:
[Please write how you would order a super-size Big Mac menu in your language]

qǐng请 gěi给 wǒ我 yí一 gè个 jù巨 wú无 bà霸!

The one thing you should do every day to feel truly local:
[Please describe a truly local thing/tick people in your country do]

Drink soybean milk for breakfast;
Watch CCTV news every evening, although nobody likes it.

Have we forgotten anything? What is in your opinion the most unusual way to learn your language?
[Any ideas, comments, suggestions that we missed.]

Start with cursing words;
Find a Chinese girlfriend or boyfriend;
Learn through computer games.

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