Latino Birthday!

One of the main reasons for partying in the Latin-American culture is Birthday Celebrations!

It’s true that we like to party and birthdays are the perfect excuse to gather together family members and friends.

As a Mexican, there are 6 things that shouldn’t be missing on your birthday celebration:

1. Las Mañanitas

Las mañanitas are the Mexican version of “Happy Birthday”. Written during the 1950s, they were originally a love song for the birthday person but now they are traditionally played druting any birthday celebration – your age doesn’t matter!

The most popular “mañanitas” singer was Pedro Infante – one of the best singers and actors from the 1950s in Mexico’s Film industry. He died in a plane accident but until now rumour has it he was actually never on the plane and he was alive trying to have a nice normal life. I guess we’ll never know!

This video plays “Las mañanitas” hope you like it – you can always wake up your beloved ones with this song on their birthday!

2. Birthday cake and candles

After family stops singing “las mañanitas”, it is time for you to make a wish and blow off the candles. A massive “Bravo” along with claps will be heard 2 seconds after the lights are off and family will start cheering you. It differs from one family to another but you will for sure listen to people shouting: ¡Mordida! ¡Mordida! (Which basically means: bite the cake so we can smash your face on it!).

3. Music and drinks

If you are old enough to drink then all you need is a big garden or house and good music! Some grown-ups just celebrate by inviting family to have dinner with them and children parties are full of balloons, clowns, magicians and candies.

Young people will always prefer to have some drinks with family and friends. Parties usually last until late in the morning – next day! Music like dance, hip hop, reggaeton, etc. will be played until the last guest is either asleep or gone to his place. Thank God for Mexican families who will always be there to help us clean the mess!

4. Piñata
It doesn’t matter if you are 50 or 5 – Piñatas are always fun!

Hitting the piñata until it breaks and all candies inside are suddenly falling down to the ground is always awesome! You have to be very fast so you get as many candies as you can. All members of the family get the opportunity to hit the piñata while the rest is singing “Dale, dale dale…”. Creativity is part of the whole experience so you can choose whether to fill the piñata with candies, fruit or with anything you want – Some even add flour as a joke to their guests!

5. Friends and family

There’s no party or birthday without them. In Mexico, families tend to be quite big so it is common to celebrate with all your cousins and friends. Beware of cake fights!

6. Tacos

Could be at 4am or during the afternoon but all Mexican parties include them as a must. Taste is always better after a few drinks! And sometimes you can find great deals to offer as many tacos as you wish to delight your guests.

If your birthday is coming and you want to try something different yet interesting and fun then you should have a Latino Style Celebration! All you need to include in your invitation is the word PARTY!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your country? Do you have a special “Happy Birthday” song? Share your comment in the boxes below!


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