Latino Rhythm!

As I mentioned in my last article, there’s no party without music!

Latin American countries are known worldwide as cheerful, colorful and full of adventurous experiences and music has definitely something to do with it.

The Latino continent offers a wide musical richness that complements the historical and cultural heritage of these nations. From tango to salsa, millions of people are now learning how to dance different music styles which can be complicated if you take into account that most of the times they require sexy movements that look simple at first sight but when it comes to actually moving your body, well…it’s not easy!

The most popular music styles are:







Has its origins in Cuba but curiously the name “salsa” was used for the first time in New York. Salsa is now one of the most important symbols for Latin-American countries and an important factor for good parties. There’s a whole technique to dance salsa properly but many people tend to dance by following the rhythm and because they grow up listening to this music and seeing how people move on the dance floor.


Was originated in Colombia during the Spanish colonization and now is quite popular in Mexico and Panama as well. In my opinion, this is one of the easiest dances and they it influences the party mood in Mexico.


Dominican Republic was in charge of creating this music style! The name is also given to a whipped eggs and sugar dessert and it was probably chosen for this type of music because of the special movements of the hips while dancing. It takes a lot of effort to obtain the perfect whipped eggs dessert, imagine how much you have to move the hips!


Came to life in Argentina and Uruguay. Is one of the sexiest dances mainly because you have to dance really close to your partner. You would have to be an expert to notice the difference between Argentinean or Uruguayan tango and taking tango lessons would be super interesting for those who are into de Latino cultures.


One of the most popular among Latino youth! Puerto Rico is the leader of this hot music and because of the sexual influence “perreo” was the name given to the dance movements.

There are much more types of music in Latin-America and despite the fact that we all share and dance similar rhythms, we all do it in our own special way. For foreigners our moves might look the same but speed and even chemistry are totally different.

Dancing creates the perfect mood for parties and it’s a great exercising method if don’t really like usual sports routines. If you are a Spanish language lover, Latino music provides a huge amount of vocabulary from all the countries!

Do you have any special music style? What’s the most popular type of music in your country? Share your comments in the boxes below!


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