Learning German

This article is based on my experience of learning a new language in Hamburg.
It´s hard to believe that I have been living in Germany for 3 months. Time flies! and I can definitely state that I love to live in Hamburg. My experience here so far is awesome and challenging in a way that connects a new language, new culture, and new way of life. Although the winter was too long, now the weather is getting warmer and I am really excited about hanging out in the city and put into practice what I´ve learned at my German course.

I´ve heard many people asking me why I chose learning German. Well, first of all, l know it´s not an easy language but it´s not impossible. It certainly requires a lot of time, dedication and practice as part of the learning process. After 3 months with two German lessons per week I have been improving a lot my German skills not only at school but also learning new vocabulary wherever I go there is something to learn. Other than that, I have to mention the great experience during my internship at bab.la.

I have experienced many situations here in Hamburg where I was forced to speak German, in one point of view it was funny or embarrassing, on the other hand I would say is there a better way to learn German living in Germany? That´s one of the main reasons I have been motivated to continue learning the language, as a matter of fact hearing locals on your daily routine and meeting native speakers can help you brush up on your skills faster that you can´t imagine.
There are many online resources and cheap ways to improve the abilities with the Language. It´s quite common here in Hamburg people look for a tandem partner to improve or practice a foreign language with someone else. I particularly haven´t been on a tandem yet but I suppose that if you take part in activities outside the classroom gives you an idea of how fast you are making progress in understanding general contexts, grammar and vocabulary. If you would like to read more about language tandems take a look at this article.

What about you? Have you ever lived and studied in Germany? Share your comments!!


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