Less is More? Not Always.

If you managed to miss it we are right now trying to find the Hottest Summer Drinks for 2010. As a part of that we asked you, our readers, to submit some of your favorite cocktails. The submissions are in and you can vote for your favorite cocktail until midnight August 2 (CET).

During the course of contacting blogs to let the authors know someone had submitted a recipe we asked for their favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink. The results really got me thinking; of all the recipes submitted by readers (thanks again by the way), none were non-alcoholic. Only one blogger sent me a non-alcoholic recipe. You should check out Jeffrey Morgenthaler‘s website and his post on How to Make Sangrita. Some blogs, like The London Cocktail Guide simply don’t have any non-alcoholic drinks at all. This is in no way any form of critique on my part, simply an observation and some food for thought.

It only seems to me, that a lot of people who are into mixing drinks tend to be focused on the alcoholic variety. Sort of like how most chefs’ and cooking blogs are focused on food containing meat. I once had a conversation with a vegetarian who said that,
“If you eat meat, then that’s all you eat. If you are a vegetarian, then you have much more freedom to vary your diet”. I was not convinced. I tired to argue that you could very well add meat, fish or poultry to almost any vegetarian dish and would therefore have a larger variety. Eating meat does not make you a carnivore and exclude greens from your diet. I further argued that it was more difficult to be varied and discover new interesting flavors if you excluded certain ingredients.

The same logic applies to drinks. If you take out all the alcohol out of the bar, and ask for a refreshing cocktail you’re making someones job a lot more difficult. The other day I was standing near a bar when a customer ordered a Caipirinha – hold the alcohol. Basically that means someone ordered lime with sugar on ice. Of course the customer wanted something else in there to substitute the alcohol, but what?

How would you make it?

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