Let’s learn Chinese by singing Tonghua

Fed up with the humdrum vocabulary and the unappealing grammar? Language learning should not consist only of memorizing. “Learning by singing” is an effective learning method, through which you can at the same time enjoy nice music, enlarge your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and get to know more about a culture.

“Tonghua” by Guangliang is a very popular song and even people who cannot speak Chinese can hum it. I tried to translate the song lyric into English, so that the fans of this song could understand what they are singing about. Let’s enjoy this terrific but sad song together!

Fairy Tale by Guangliang

忘(wàng)了(le)有(yǒu)多(duō)久(jiǔ) I forgot, how long it has been

再(zài)没(méi)听(tīng)到(dào)你(nǐ) that you told me of

对(duì)我(wǒ)说(shuō)你(nǐ)最(zuì)爱(ài)的(de)故(gù)事(shì) your favorite fairy tale

我(wǒ)想(xiǎng)了(le)很(hěn)久(jiǔ)I thought it over

我(wǒ)开(kāi)始(shǐ)慌(huāng)了(le)and became troubled

是(shì)不(bu)是(shì)我(wǒ)又(yòu)做(zuò)错(cuò)什(shén)么(me)Did I make anything wrong again?

你(nǐ)哭(kū)着(zhe)对(duì)我(wǒ)说(shuō) You tell me, with tears flowing down along your cheek

童(tóng)话(huà)里(lǐ)都(dōu)是(shì)骗(piàn)人(rén)的(de) that everything in the fairy tale is cheating

我(wǒ)不(bù)可(kě)能(néng)是(shì)你(nǐ)的(de)王(wáng)子(zǐ) that I could not be your princess

也(yě)许(xǔ)你(nǐ)不(bú)会(huì)懂(dǒng)You might not be able to understand

从(cóng)你(nǐ)说(shuō)爱(ài)我(wǒ)以(yǐ)后(hòu) Since you’re telling me that you love me

我(wǒ)的(de)天(tiān)空(kōng)星(xīng)星(xīng)都(dōu)亮(liàng)了(le) All the stars in my sky shine brightly


(1) 我(wǒ)愿(yuàn)变(biàn)成(chéng)童(tóng)话(huà)里(lǐ)I am willing to become

(2)我(wǒ)要(yào)变(biàn)成(chéng)童(tóng)话(huà)里(lǐ)I want to be become

(3) 我(wǒ)会(huì)变(biàn)成(chéng)童(tóng)话(huà)里(lǐ)I will become

你(nǐ)爱(ài)的(de)那(nà)个(ge)天(tiān)使(shǐ)your beloved angel in the fairy tale

张(zhāng)开(kāi)双(shuāng)手(shǒu)I would stretch out my hands

变(biàn)成(chéng)翅(chì)膀(bǎng)守(shǒu)护(hù)你(nǐ) become wings and protect you

你(nǐ)要(yào)相(xiāng)信(xìn)You must believe

相(xiāng)信(xìn)我(wǒ)们(men)会(huì)像(xiàng)童(tóng)话(huà)故(gù)事(shì)里(lǐ)believe that we will be, like in the fairy tale,

幸(xìng)福(fú)和(hé)快(kuài)乐(lè)是(shì)结(jié)局(jú)living happily and forever

一(yì)起(qǐ)写(xiě)我(wǒ)们(men)的(de)结(jié)局(jú)will be writing our love story together.

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