Let’s remake the prequel to the sequel…

Lately it seems that the entertainment industry had run out of ideas. Just take a look at the line-up of the movies in production now. Sequel, prequel, remake or reboot – whatever you want to call it, it all means the same – lack of original ideas. Has the „creative“ industry really run out of ideas? Oh no, don’t be fooled by the looks of things. There are ideas and unconventional stories but what is missing is someone brave enough to make them into movies.

With lack of ideas and not enough willingness to risk Hollywood is remaking, rebooting or shooting prequels and sequels to any film you can think of. But do you really know what these words mean and what is the difference between them? Well don’t worry I am here to help you sort out this confusing mess.

1. Remake
Remake is when a film gets a completely new makeover. It is a new version or a new take on the original story. For example the famous The Magnificent Seven is actually a remake of the Japanese original Seven Samurai.

2. Reboot or restart
Reboot looks similar to remake but it involves a whole franchise. Some aspects of the original story are often changed to make it more relevant to the present. The example of a very successful reboot could be the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. In the future we can expect another returning superhero – the Superman in the Man of Steel.

3. Sequel
Sequel is basically like another episode – the continuation of the story. Usually all the characters come back but it is not a rule. Although sequels usually rarely reach the quality of the first film there were few exceptions that could live up to their predecessors if not surpass them. One example for all: the Dark knight. But there is more.

4. Prequel
Just when the number of sequels started to get really annoying, someone in Hollywood got the genius idea – Let’s make a prequel! Prequel is a type of a sequel but the plot takes place before the events of the first film. We could name a number of examples like the prequel trilogy to the Star Wars Saga. Then there is the Godfather part II. that so brilliantly combines the sequel with the prequel.

So what do you think about this new mania in Hollywood? With 2013 being the year of sequels is there any that you are excited to see? Or are you completely against the whole idea of any remake, reboot, prequel or sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.


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