Let me tell you about another England

Yes, I decided. I’m leaving too.
It could be the worst decision I have ever made or absolutely the best.
Luckily it was the right choice.
It has always been my boyfriend’s dream. Graduate and move to England to do really what he likes.
It wasn’t a surprise when he told me that he found an internship in the UK and in a couple of
weeks he was moving to the UK.
I didn’t feel quite ready to follow him, my life in Italy had no negative aspects. I had my work, my friends and my family, but while the months passed, something inside me was changing.
I wasn’t entirely happy. My other half was far away. Every day he discovered new and beautiful places. Every day he met new interesting people and I wanted to be with him.
So I started thinking about moving too. This led me to think of myself as I had never done before. What I could give up and what I absolutely couldn’t live without. The positive things that this experience could give me. The conclusion was: yes, the benefits clearly outweighed the negatives.
I arrived in Brixham in late April 2014, curious, but scared by my new adventure overseas.
I lived there just for six months before moving to another town, but this town will forever be in my heart.
The smell of the harbour, the singing of the seagulls, the sun’s reflection on the water. They will remain crystal clear in my mind forever.
England is not just London’s hustle and bustle. This country offers magical places and breathtaking landscapes. Brixham is one of these.
The days after my arrival were wonderful. I didn’t expect such beautiful weather. The temperature wasn’t too high, but the sun was always shining. This gave me the opportunity to fully enjoy my new town.
Yes, it rains in England, but not every single day.
Thanks to the good weather, I immediately enjoyed a typical Brixham tradition: the Pirate Festival. I was surprised by the large participation of people. The entire population was dressed up in fabulous costumes and poured into the streets near the port. Young, old, children and even animals had a pirate touch and seemed to come directly from another era.
In addition to being a highly traditional city, Brixham is one of the most beautiful towns in the English Riviera.
Berry Head is a natural paradise.
The view is unique, the blue sea that touches the cliff is spectacular. The green meadows that stretch around you, give a sense of freedom and make you feel as if the world belonged to you.
And how can I forget to mention the Shoalstone Pool? A swimming pool built right by the sea and filled by the tides just a few steps from Breakwater Beach, one of the cleanest and most secure beaches of the English Riviera.
Everything was great. The only thing I wasn’t comfortable with was the language. Unfortunately, my English was really bad and it was difficult to take part in a conversation. But with time and with the courage to jump into situations, day after day everything became more simple. Watching TV in English helps a lot in understanding, reading newspapers helps a lot the grammar. Not being afraid of making mistakes helps a lot in the everyday life.
It’s better to make mistakes rather than not to try at all.



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