Let’s have some fun! Popular jokes about Poles

Polish people love football. It’s our national sport! Usually we are eliminated in the run, but once in 30 years we win with the Germans.

What does Pole, when Poland wins the championship in football?

– Turns off the PlayStation and goes to sleep.

Although it’s an obvious nonsense, everyone had heard that the stereotypical Pole “can everything”…


Kowalsky and Malinowsky went to work to England. After several months only one of them returns. Friends ask:

– And where is Kowalsky?

– He stayed, he opened a shop.

– How did he manage that?

– Normally, with a crowbar.

And that we particularly love cars. As they say in Germany:

Go to Poland, your car is already there.

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Poland joined the European Union in 2004 but the Poles still don’t speak English very well. Is that English so difficult for us, or it’s just our patriotism expression?

England. The Englishman asks the Pole:

– Do you speak English?

– You better start to learn Polish, because we are already half a million here!

Yes, we are proud of our country, but…

The statistics show that today 7 out of 10 Poles live under stress…

and the remaining 3 – in London.


And the well-known Polish fondness for strong beverages:

What is the difference between Polish wedding and funeral?

– At the funeral there is one Pole less drunk.


It’s fun to laugh at others, but we don’t like to laugh at ourselves. That’s why, please, especially my Polish colleagues, don’t take it personally!

…and I hope, that some of you actually smiled 🙂



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