Let’s SPArty! Budapest thermal baths for old and young

The fall has definitely arrived to Europe, it is getting really cold, in the north it is already snowing but this shouldn’t keep anyone from travelling. Just imagine yourself sitting in an open-air hot water thermal bath whilst it is freezing and snowing around you. It is all possible in the capital of spas: Budapest! Budapest is one of the most exciting cities of the old continent and is famous for its cultural and historical heritage, entertaining industry and the thermas. The thermal baths are open during the whole year but are definitely the biggest fun in the winter time. And do not think that it is something just for the older generations to cure health problems – it is fun for younger ones as well. Especially since the services extended with the so called SPArties.

The first thermal baths were built during the ancient times by the Romans and some of the ruins are still visible in the district of Aquincum. They say that actually the thermal springs were one of the reasons why the Romans colonized this area. Many of the today operating baths were built during the Turkish times and the Turks were the first ones to use them not just for entertaining but for medical purposes as well. The popularity of the thermas was continuously growing but Budapest only got the name “City of Spas” in the beginning of the 20th century and has been carrying it ever since.

Budapest has 19 different kinds of thermal water and each bath differs according to the contained minerals and water temperature. The waters are also effective in healing locomotor, circulatory diseases and women’s health problems. The two most famous and beautiful spas are the Gellért baths and the Széchényi baths, which is one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe. The Rudas baths and the Király baths were both built during the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. Visiting the thermal baths belongs to the everyday life of the Hungarians, you still can see old people going there several times a week, playing chess in the water and socializing.

If you feel like experiencing more than just chilling in the hot water or sweating in the sauna, then don’t miss the Water Circus (or sparty as they call it) organized by Cinetrip. It is an audiovisual thermal baths show with DJs, air acrobats and fire-jugglers. Difficult to imagine? Check out the video below! 😉


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