Lexiophiles TGIF “The musical” No. 204

Survive until Friday: check
Weekend plans: check
TGIF article: check! 🙂

Friday is here! Enjoy!

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The September When – Bullet Me
The September When is a Norwegian rock band formed in Stavanger in 1987. This song will never stop hunting you once you listen to it… (English)

Ephemera – Girls Keep Secret In the Strangest Ways
“Girls don’t tell
We just sometimes have to say”,sings Ephemera, a Norwegian pop trio from Bergen, Norway. (English)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Rondo alla turca metal version
If they showed me this video in music school, I’d have practised more.

Train – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
Hilarious. When you’re not good at saying goodbye, go and see David Hasselhoff! (English with subtitles)

Celeste Buckingham – Never be you
(English with subtitles)

Have a great Friday everybody!

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