Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 1

This week on Lexiophiles we are starting with our Thank God It’s Friday Selections. Here we give you a great sendoff into the weekend with articles, blogs, pictures and lots more we have come across during the week. Stuff we found interesting or amusing and thought it would be nice to share.


Gran Torino – Le chant du cygne de Clint Eastwood

A review of Eastwood’s last film – i.e. latest but possibly his ultimate. How an old, bitter, dying man slowly regains his compassion and hope for his fellow humans. Between the lines, a plea against the self-defence.
The idiom: Le chant du cygne: the swansong
The blog: A cinema enthusiast reviewing pretty much everything: horror movies, zombies, science-fiction, chick flicks, series, games… Quality and freedom of thought.


Settantenne e presidente (a colori).

The thoughts of an Italian young journalist while waiting for a meeting with an anachronistic Italian administration manager. Sort of caustic but really interesting!
The Blog: Born on May 2005 eG magazine is a monthly journal about international politics, society and culture. It is released on the second week of each month. The main highlights are Europe, globalization, environment, human rights but also cinema, music, books, art, intercultural communication, people mobility and languages.


Japanese cell-phone technology
A Japanese guy invented an idea that you can fix your cold, if you just hear a tone of cell-phone.


Ditos populares: verdades e inverdades

Brazilian idioms used by almost everyone with the wrong words and meaning. The correct ones are explained by Prof. Pascuale, a renown Portuguese language professor.
The site: Brazilian website with thousends of texts, reviews, poems, interviews, etc. by different authors.


How do Physicists pick up girls

Several Chinese young people playing “Super Mario” music in a very creative way.
You may also interesed in this one: video


An exercise in futility

This is a website dedicated to bringing you eavesdropped tidbits. This, one of the latest additions, is what happened to a guest at McDonalds as he was ineffectively trying to get his order changed.

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