Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 10

Yes, it’s Friday again! Well, most of us didn’t work yesterday. And those of us who didn’t think about taking a day off to have a longer weekend, are back to work. But it’s only for one day, weekend starts tomorrow again, so be brave. And Friday also means a brand new TGIF selection. So if you felt like yesterday was not enough to relax and enjoy your free time, you can find here a great mix of articles, blogs, pictures and videos of what we found funny, or simply interesting on the Internet. It might give you a great sendoff into the weekend or at least let you have a small break from work.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Como fazer um bebê
How to make a baby: Video created by a couple during the 9 months before the birth of their baby. Quite cute & fun.

Romania (English)
Bucharest Weekend
More and more people are now heading towards an adventurous holiday in Eastern Europe, and Romania is probably in the top of their lists. While some still think that in Bucharest you can find sheep herds on the main boulevard, others have actually given it a try and made their own impressions: ”Bucharest did look like a beautiful European city, full of lights and very vibrant. It felt metropolitan and sophisticated, and the people are very friendly”. Find out more on this blog and then come to see for yourself!

Italy (English)

The Video-Report from one young Italian woman having a great international experience in Kenya.

Venezuela (Spanish)
“Empresa alemana instalará cajeros automáticos que entregarán oro”
German company plans to set up 500 gold ATMs in Austria, Switzerland and Germany as they consider people do not trust traditional assets anymore. At the price of 31 euros you’ll get a one-gram piece of gold.

Japan (English)
If you have a chance to visit Japan, you will see a lot of English signs under Japanese’s. It’s very creative most of the time, I would say. You want to see some examples? Sure, this site introduces you to all of them.

Russia (English)
Whose backyard?
It is time to relax for ordinary people and enjoy life, bank holidays, and languages! But for some of them, like bigger actors, such as states, also try to find a common economics language. Here is an example how Russia, Europe, USA, and some Eastern European countries try to solve this problem and find a common language. So far, worthless.

France (English and French)
French people listen to a lot of English songs, but except for those who speak English perfectly, we don’t really udnerstand the lyrics. And we most of the time wrongly interpret them. Here are a few examples of how French people interpret English songs!

India (English)
Nailing jelly to a wall: is it possible?
You know the saying, “It’s like nailing jelly to the wall”, to mean that something is difficult or near to impossible? Well, here’s somebody who decided to defy that saying by nailing jelly to the wall. Did it work? Look at the pictures. Pointless, but fun!

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