Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 11

Yes, it’s Friday again! And this week we didn’t have any bank holiday. This means we worked a complete 5-days working week. But don’t worry, for most of us, the coming Monday 1st of June is bank holiday again! Anyway, just as every Friday, we are “Thanking God It’s Friday”. And for those who are not yet used to this TGIF selection, well here you will find every week a brand new selection of articles, blogs, pictures and videos of anything we found funny, or simply interesting on the Internet. And even if you belong to those people working during weekends, just have a quick look at this week’s selection, just to take your mind out of work for a few minutes.

Romania (English)
Hidden Romania
I keep on feeding your curiosity about Romania with this blog, where you can find valuable information about Romania, all written in English. I sincerely recommend reading the article about Dracula’s castle and, for holiday lovers, choosing the villages from the Danube Delta, where the beauty of the beach is still unspoiled by the instrusive human touch.

New Zealand (English)
Listen to English – Learn English
A blog for people learning English. You can listen to podcasts about current topics and worldwide events. Also has interesting quizzes, tips, and transcripts of the podcasts so you can read along to further your understanding.

Russia (Russian)
Путин Владимир Владимирович
Due to very “atypical” career (Army, KGB, foreign intelligence) former president of Russia is fluent in several European languages. Want to know more what factors were crucial in his language education? Get into the blog about one of the most powerful leaders of the new Russia.

Japan (English)
Welcome to Butlers café!
In Tokyo there is a very popular café called Butlers café! How is it different from regular cafés? Well, only women can get in! Only good-looking Western guys are working at the café as waiters, and they even call you “Princess”. Want to go? Sure, please have a look at this website.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Erros mais comuns que os brasileiros cometem ao falar inglês
Some of the most common mistakes Brazilians make when speaking English. Read, learn & have fun!

Venezuela (Spanish)
“Tráfico multa a un coche de bomberos por ir rápido para apagar un incendio”
In Valencia, Spain, a firefighter receives a speeding fine. The fire truck he was driving got caught by the radar as an infractor when going over the speed limit to assist in an emergency.

Poland (English)
Thank God It’s Friday
A new creative challenge every week! A blog created by two scrapbooking, stamping, craftwork enthusiasts who share their pieces of art with the world and challenge others to send them their own works on a topic specified every Friday. Enjoy some art of today during weekends!

India (English)
Friday Versus Monday
Well, we all love Friday. We thank God it’s Friday. But is it really necessary to have Monday following so soon after? This video shows a pretty appropriate parallel in Nature for our contrasting opinions on Friday and Monday.

France (French and English)
Arrêté pour un tee-shirt subversif
Find out how and why a Chinese man got arrested because he was wearing a T-shirt saying something a former Chinese politician said.

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