Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 12

Yes, it’s Friday again! Even though some of us had Monday off, well any Friday remains a Friday, which means “last day of work”. And for those who work during weekends, it means only 2 more days working, so: Cheer up! But don’t worry, even if you’re at work and are desperate for the day to be over, here is this week’s Thank God It’s Friday selection. Have a look! You will find an all new list of articles, pictures and videos on any topic or issue we found interesting on the Web this week and wanted to share with you. This will give you a great send off into the weekend or at least allow you to take a short break from work.

Romania (English and Romanian)
Romanian Heritage
One Romanian guy, part of the majority of people who know that Romania isn’t sufficiently promoted as a touristic destination, decided to make a positive contribution. This website is the result of 3 years of hard work, taking photographs of all the UNESCO sites in Romania. I myself was amazed to see how many beautiful places – yet not visited – there are. So, I invite you to make yourself comfortable and start navigating through the website.
Tip: Next to each photo there is also an info button which will provide you a lot of details about the photo you’re looking at.

France (English)
“21 Accents”: Check out this video and discover what is your accent when speaking English and find out which accents are very difficult to copy!

Un beau vrai casse-tête (French)
This Sunday, every French citizen will have to face a big problem: How to fit in the same day…the Mother´s Day festivities, the French Open Final and the European elections? This could lead to a high rate of abstention! The politicians will know who to put the blame on this time!

Brazil (Portuguese)
Maiores palavras da língua portuguesa
A list of the 6 longest words in Portuguese. The longest one has 46 characters. The top 3 are words probably 99% of the population never heard of, while the 4th, 5th and 6th positions are words commonly used in the Hangman games 🙂 They end up very easy to figure out…

India (English)
Creme That Egg – Rube Goldberg
Heard of Rube Goldberg machines? Hellishly complicated mechanical contraptions that do the simplest tasks. Here’s a video of a machine that smashes a Cadbury Creme Egg. Fascinating how some people have so much free time on their hands, huh?! A very interesting video.

New Zealand (English)
English grammar blog updated daily with questions and answers about some of the strange grammatical ways of the English language. Also has a useful list of English grammatical myths, and how the language is evolving.

Venezuela (English)
25 Classic Books That Have Been Banned
An article with a list of classic books that have been banned for different reasons.

USA (English)
The Joy of Tech
A simple flow chart showing what steps Apple take to insure quality control in the Appstore and how the approval system works.

Sweden (English)

Russia (English)
Crouching tigers, stirring dragons
“Which foreign language to learn?” is the eternal question of all generations. One of the reasons that might formulate the decision is direct economic opportunity connected to language knowledge. The following article is a good source to make people start learning Indian, Chinese, and Japanese languages. Since even during the credit crunch, these countries seem to be better off in economic development than other countries, creating more job opportunities and bringing more profit.

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