Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 13

We love Friday, and here it is again! Four long days have passed and we know you are tired and need to relax after all that hard work, so here you can start enjoying our Thank God It’s Friday selection for this week. Take a look at our new list of fun articles, pictures and videos. There’s something for everybody, so make yourself comfortable and start reading (and laughing).

Romania (Romanian)
Expozitia din 1906
Porti vechi din Bucuresti
Old Bucharest…
Since it was to difficult to choose only one webpage for this week’s TGIF, I am here recommending you 3 websites where you can see some photos of historical side of Bucharest. Enjoy!

France (English)
Here is a video of the famous English actress, writer and comedienne Catherine Tate: If you love languages and the bristish sense of humour, this video is definitely going to make you burst out laughing!

Brazil (Portuguese)
Recordes da natureza
Some random curiosities about everything and nothing. Maybe they are true, maybe not — but it is interesting/fun to read anyway. Examples: If all the hot dogs that Americans eat in one year were put together, we could build a bridge that would be twice the distance to the moon. A glass of hot water freezes faster than a glass of cold water.

India (English)
Pointless Sites
After five full days of actual thinking, it does you good to look at something so utterly pointless. Check it out, this site lists some websites dedicated to unbelievably pointless goals.

New Zealand (English)
One of New Zealands main TV channels started an advertising campaign for some of its programmes using “text-speak” (for example, NXT, LTR, TMW) sparking nation-wide outrage amongst New Zealanders. It seems that Kiwi’s like their vowels after all!

Venezuela (English)
10 scientific objects that changed the world
To celebrate their centenary, the Science Museum of London selected 10 life-changing objects from their collection.

Sweden (English)
Worst Anti-Crime Public Service Announcements
Here are some bad anti-crime PSAs, publicity campaigns and educational videos — in no particular order, because they’re all just awful.

Russia (English)
Into the past
Coming back to 80s! Tetris mania tribute! The game that influenced the minds of great people deserves respect and eternal fame. See how people pay tribute to the old, nice game. Join them with your tribute project!

Italy (German with Italian subtitles)
What do Germans think about Italian politics and the Prime Minister? Italian politics explained in detail in a short video.

Poland (Polish)
Kissing Point!
One of the biggest dating portals in Poland organizes a big kissing action. In cinemas, malls, clubs of big cities throughout the country one can find special Kissing Points on the floor where people can show their emotions. From long, passionate lover kisses to friendly, innocent kisses on the cheek. Everything counts! Organizers count all the kisses and want to break the record of kisses ‘kissed’ in the public space. So, go to Poland and kiss, kiss, bang, bang!!!

Germany (German)
How to order food at a German snack store.

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