Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 16

Friday is here and so is summer (at least for those north of the equator), so, what else can we ask for? The beach? A cocktail? A massage by the beach with a cocktail? Well, sorry, we can’t provide you with any of those, however, we can make your day with some the funny things we’ve found on the internet, you’ll be surprised with the amount of wacky content one might encounter in the Web. So, enjoy!

Poland (English/Japanese)
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
Hilarious website about people too eager to use quotation marks.

Japan (English)
Word Puzzle
Find out the real meaning of the sentence that doesn’t seem to make sense.

Venezuela (English)
A charismatic little kid teaches us what real selling skills are…

Italy (Italian)
Gipi´s blog
Comics, drawings and illustrations by Gipi, one of the most famous Italian comic-strip artists.

Germany (English/German)
A collection of German-related scenes on Scrubs

France (French/English)
C’est sooo Paris!
A funny commercial promoting tourism in Paris and explaining the meaning of a famous French idiom.

Korea (Korean/English)
Based on the scenes from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ this video makes a sarcastic parody of Korean’s infamous education system, especially senior year in high school. You need to understand the Korean subtitles to understand the parody.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Erros de tradução na TV Paga
Finding mistakes in the subtitles of movies and series is really annoying. Check here some that changed the whole meaning of the thing and became actually very funny.

Russia (English)
Old school joke! Learn English to be on the safe side…

Turkey (Turkish)
The Funniest Turkish Mistakes
You can come across these on every corner of Turkey!

UK (English)
The Problems with Electronic Translators…
Russian has discovered a new animal – the ‘water sheep’ claims American Government agency with help of an electronic translator…

India (Hindi)
Indian Quirks and the Quirky Indian Language
Hillarious Indian spellings and some typical Indian behaviour are described aptly in this blog.

China (German)
A little baby takes pictures of the parents…

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