Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 17

We welcome Friday and we welcome your suggestions as well! This week one of our readers sent some funny and interesting pages to us (and we will be publishing them little by little). Do you have some interesting videos you’ve found on the internet that you want to share with us and with the rest of our readers? Well, what are you waiting for? Leave them in the comments section or send them to: lexiophiles[at]bab.la I hope you guys enjoy this week’s selection, take a few minutes to have a laugh… It’s Friday!

Corentin from Belgium (English)
How to pronounce?
How do you pronounce THAT word? just ask a native and he will record it for you.

Poland (English)
Hide your Face behind a Sleeve
“one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion” (description from the website) Absolutely brilliant idea and wonderful pictures.

Japan (English)
Music Video of Japanese Band
This is a song called “Hibi no Neiro” (Tone of Everyday). The members are from all over the world (!!). It seems like everyone in this video is communicating with each other over web cameras even though they are actually not.

Venezuela (English)
Very Funny English Language
Puns and curious sentences in English… and all those questions we always wanted to ask about a language that doesn’t always makes sense.

Italy (Italian/English/Japanese)
Beppe Grillo’s Blog
The most famous and visited Italian blog and among the 10 most visited blogs in the world.

France (French/English)
C’est sooo Paris – Part 2
The second part of this funny commercial promoting tourism in Paris and explaining the meaning of a famous French idiom.

Korea (Korean/English)
An episode from Gag-Concert, Korea’s most famous comedy show. This is a hilarious satire of a contemporary family in which they don’t know much about each other because they don’t talk a lot about themselves.

Brazil (Portuguese)
Quanto renderia 1 real, se tivesse sido aplicado em 1994?
How much would a Real (Brazil´s money) be worth, had it been invested in different things in 1994 (when the Real was created)? Surprising answers, like for example: It would be worth R$ 137,33 if it was invested on shares from the company Vale do Rio Doce. If you had borrowed 1 Real from the bank in 1994, you would owe them… R$ 3.370.395,96!!!

Russia (English)
Da Backstreet Boys parrot doing a crazy rave…

Turkey (Turkish)
People from different countries are speaking Turkish…

UK (English)
Remember these simple rules when in England and you’ll blend in just fine!

India (English)
Literal translations and quirks…

China (German)
The best you can get from an animal…

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