Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 18

Another day, another weekend! Celebrate Friday with us without feeling guilty about spending your time taking a look all these funny videos and links… well, we all need some leisure time! We hope you like our selection for the week, and if you have any suggestions do not hesitate and send them to us, let’s enjoy idleness together!

Corentin from Belgium (English)
The Speech Accent Archive
Archive of different accents, in English and other languages.

Poland (English)
Punctuation Traps
We had quotation marks, now it’s time for apostrophes. Why do some people insist on using them everywhere?

Japan (Japanese)
Incorrect Kanji!
This list is a collection of incorrect or strange Kanjis in Japan.

Venezuela (Spanish)
Curiosidades de nuestra lengua
Here you will find the origin of some common phrases and words… Wise up!

Germany (English)
The art of being German… some German stereotypes.

France (French/German)
The British had Charlie Chaplin…and the French had Louis de Funès. Check out this hilarious scene from one of his most famous movies “Le Grand Restaurant”.

Korea (Korean/English)
As you might know, Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. This video shows the best knockouts of TKD.

Brazil (English)
World Map
Test your knowledge on Geography while trying to hit the correct country!

Russia (Japanese)
Do you think you spend too much time in the office? Practice some sport, or at least watch some…

Turkey (English)
New Yorkers want to learn Turkish… Why? Traveling to Turkey? Married to a Turkish person? loving languages? There are plenty of reasons to learn this interesting language!

UK (English)
The Very Funny English Language
55 phrases that really make you question English as a language…

India (English/Hindi)
A residents perspective of Mumbai…

China (Chinese)
Check out this funny Chinese love song…

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