Lexiophiles TGIF Selection No. 19

Friday has arrived! And our videos and time-wasters as well! Sit back, put your headphones on and enjoy this week’s selection. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all secretly love to waste our time watching funny videos or playing silly games on the web. And remember… you can send us your suggestions as well! Have fun!

Corentin from Belgium (English)
A collection of howlers: “what does mean my superhype-but-undecypherable-cuz-its-in-chinese-and-i-was-drunk tattoo?” 

Poland (English)
Jesus is watching… adult videos??
A very funny collection of church signs. Enjoy!

Japan (English)
Ten Casual Japanese Expressions
Surprise your Japanese friends by using these expressions! Using these words makes your Japanese sound better.

Venezuela (English)
The Eyeballing Game
Exercise your brain! Let’s see how good you are with the concept of space and shape.

Germany (German)
The Oktoberfest Opening a yearly tradition in Bayern.

France (French/German)
If you also think that stereotypes are the best thing in the world… Check out this video of Gad Elmaleh, a famous Moroccan-French comedian making fun of the French… (With German subtitles).

Korea (Korean/English)
A video featuring the cooking process of Bibimbap, a Korean traditional dish.

Brazil (English)
E-mail Error Ends up on Road Sign
This is what happens when you’re trying to translate something without speaking the other language and without checking what you’ve written.

Turkey (German/Turkish/French)
This is a funny TV show that you can’t miss.

UK (English)
English/Spanish Language Barrier in a scene from the British sitcom Fawlty Towers

India (English/Hindi)
Here is their take on the Hollaback Girl. Hillarious!

China (English)
A video about how to produce Chinese music with computer…

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